We have a sizeable clientele in the transportation industry and have served them in not only their day to day operations and taxation but also have helped them in achieving new heights by investing in the real estate assets. The clients have maximized their wealth by a devising an ideal combination investing their profits in the operations and also in the real estate which resulted in multiplying the wealth. Additionally, we also take pride in serving the owner operators and incorporated drivers who are the backbone of the trucking industry.

Hospitality Industry:

We have helped many clients in the franchise restaurants from the very beginning of building the restaurants and then running to a big success. Moreover, our clients also include the hosts of various party organizers and wedding decorators.

Automobile Repair shops:

Our esteemed clients list also includes the people who takes care of our automobiles and keep them in good shape in Canadian weather. Our financial and tax consulting services have helped them to keep their focus on their business in order to achieve new milestones every year.

Construction and Home Renovations:

Our clientele also includes the people who are providing home owners to design their homes in a beautiful and more meaningful way. We have enriched our clients with a knowledge of how to invest their money so as to achieve maximum benefits and still save on taxes.

Professional clients:

We also serve many incorporated professionals like Doctors, Lawyers, IT experts, Immigrations consultants, Structure engineers, financial professionals, and Collection agencies the list goes on. Our expertise has resulted in a substantial savings in their tax bill and still complying with the Income tax legislation.

Investment Holding companies:

Our team has also achieved a tax effective structure between a holding and operating company without paying the top tax rate on investment income.